My current series of paintings focus on the Great Barrier Reef and coastal environment. Through the subjects I select to represent I’d like to heighten an awareness of how precious and fragile these threatened environments are. I have had much involvement towards the protection of the Great Barrier reef and continue to do so.I’m drawn to images of sublime but fragile beauty, such as our Coral reefs and as in an earlier series of paintings of the Kosciuszko Range and Australian Alps. I attempt to capture the ethereal atmosphere of the location, often combining realism with the intimate textures of the subject in paint. These sensual elements can open the viewer to meditate on the subject and experience a sense of serenity, contemplation and connection.

I was always a keen observer and taught myself to paint at the age of 10 by copying works of the Old Masters from prints. From further studies it was the 19th century Romantic artist’s depiction of untouched landscapes that instilled a sense of excitement that inspired me to explore and experience a variety of Australia’s pristine landscapes.  I slowly developed my own style and an interest in contemporary artists and their techniques.  Through an evolution in understanding I’ve been able to express a stronger connection to the environment and its rugged beauty that has such a spiritual importance. Across the spectrum of my work I draw upon a range of historical and contemporary art sources, techniques and personal experiences bringing together an array of imagery that captures an individual vision of Australia.

At a young age my paintings were spotted by a Gallery Director and I achieved my first gallery sales at the age of 16, after working in the fashion and design field for a number of years I moved onto my passion and became a professional artist at 22, complementing many years of painting full time with two years Visual Arts studies in 1994-95.

My paintings are included in many collections including the Commonwealth ArtBank, Bright Regional Gallery, numerous collections worldwide and other regional galleries. Generally prices range from $1400(AUD) for smaller paintings to more than $15,000 for larger pieces.   


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